Our business builds upon the core competencies of
IT x Globalization

Our current focus is IT × Global × [E-commerce]

We operate Fermart, a crossborder ecom business,

along with system development to support business operations


Create a completely frictionless experience for personal imports

Eliminate all the pain points of importing products: language barrier, exchange rates, tarrifs, payment gateways, logistics, and communications!

Provide products not sold in Japan

We have a rich selection of products that are hard to find in Japan, including the latest global models, rare items, plus sizes, out of season products, etc.

We guarantee quality and peace of mind

Guaranteed 100% genuine/free size exchange or product excange/returns accepted for defective products/COD or wire transfer/amazing customer support provided by professional representatives in Japan!

Listed Items
Listed Brands



Your mission is our mission. We are always looking for ways to help our partners better achieve their goals.
Our company excels at logistics and inventory/sales management. Our systems will minimize the effort required of our partners for mutual gain.

Exports: From Japan to the World

For brands/retailers who want to export to the Japanese market
Rakuten Japan, Amazon Japan, and Yahoo! Japan Shopping account for 47% of the e-commerce market share in Japan. We can get your products listed in these malls along with our own e-commerce store to maximize sales.

For Global Freight Forwarding Companies
In order to ensure that there are no products we cannot supply we partner with a wide variety of international freight forwarders.

Export (Japan -> World)

For Japanese brands/retail stores that want to expand their market:
We will get your products into the hands of international customers at no risk or hassle to your business. There is no need to bother with export or shipping, we will act as your agent.

For freight forwarders with with logistics centers/warehouses in Japan
We will aggregate Japanese products to your warehouse and have them freight forwarded to international logistics centers within days.


Business Philosophy

In the 17th century, French mathematician Pierre de Fermat wrote a one line theorem left in the margin of a book by ancient Greek mathematician Diophantus, “Arithmetic.” “When n is greater than 2, there are no natural numbers x, y, z that satisfy the equation x^n + y^n = z^n”. Fermat is famous for omitting proof and writing only the theorem. However, Fermat’s last theorem (Fermat’s conjecture) remained unsolved for nearly 360 years. Many of the most brilliant mathematicians of their times attemtped counterexamples and proofs but failed to provide any conclusive results. There are still many unresolved challenges and problems in the world. There are many ways to make the world better. We launched Fermat, Inc. to solve the problems of the world one by one through the power of IT.

Company Overview

Name Fermat, Inc.
Established October 11, 2013
Capital 8,000,000 yen
CEO Tsutomu Matsumoto
Fiscal Year End of September
TEL +81-3-6455-3151
FAX +81-3-6455-3152
Address 〒153-0051
2-15-14-4F, Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
Business Distribution of Gaming Device
Manufacture and sale of Fashion and Cosmetic


2-20-15-B1F Ebisu-Nishi, Solstice Daikanyama,
Shibuy-ku, Tokyo


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